Make art from the comfort of your own home and get live, one-on-one time with your artist instructor through zoom. These two-hour, bite-size online classes are designed for those that want to get creative for a couple of hours, try or practice a skill and leave class feeling empowered and with a finished piece of art!   

Creative Box Studios: Art workshops to try

Have difficulties learning art online? Don’t worry, we also host workshops where you can meet your favourite artists eye to eye as they show you the techniques that they use in their works and help you enhance your skills through various art activities.

Create, build and stand out 

Before you can create an out-of-this-world art, you must first master the basics and develop the necessary techniques. The workshops that we have right here at Creative Box Studios have everything you need to turn your art into a masterpiece. 

During our workshops, we will provide you with lessons, materials, take home articles to read along with your apron to protect your clothes as you work through your project. All works by the class would be graded by the end of the workshop and the winner would receive an exclusive prize from us! Hurry and sign up to be a Creative Box Studios artist. 

Painting workshop

Our painting workshop would be led by professional artists who will show you the different forms and techniques to paint. In this workshop, you will be provided with the canvas, paints and brushes so you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing your own.

The lesson will begin with an introduction to painting as well as its different forms. After that, your instructor will give you a brief explanation of the colour theory and how to mix your colours to achieve the shade that you want.


Sculpting is one of the most difficult forms of art to explore. However, with the guidance of our professional artists, you will soon create your Obra Maestra. Our sculpting workshop will bring your understanding of sculpting from the ground up and show you theories, techniques and tips that would work in helping you bring to life the ideas that you visualise. 

The lessons will start with the instructor handing you the booklets containing every information you need to know about sculpting including picking the right tools and which materials to use for marbles, woods or clay. 

After discussing techniques and theories, you will be presented with wood, marbles and clay to work on for three separate projects. Here, you will apply everything that you have learned from the instructor and apply the techniques. 

Digital painting

For those exploring the digital world of arts, we also have digital painting led by the most popular and creative digital artists. In this workshop, you will learn about the best applications to use for your digital art as well as the use of brushes. 

Colour theory along with lighting, shadows and highlighting will also be discussed to bring out the life in your work. Materials would not be provided for this workshop. You need to bring your drawing tablet. What we will provide is only the application for you to use.