These 4-week immersive art classes are curated for you to learn or master a specific skill by diving deeper into it- led by emerging women artists. 

We are going back to in-person this Summer! Stay tuned for our class schedule coming soon. 

Want to join from the comfort of your own home? All of our classes are streamed live through Zoom and recorded so you can learn and create from wherever you are!

Creative Box Studios: A selection of art classes for you! 

Have problems finding your art style and starting with your works? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Art can be quite daunting for people who think that it can only be good if it’s beautiful, but the foundation in which art is built doesn’t solely depend on beauty and what the eye may perceive. 

Get to know art beyond the lens of the world and see it from the perspective of an artist right here at Creative Box Studios. Here at our studio, we employ professional artists to teach you their techniques and help you from the ground up to enhance your skills in creating art. Get to know us more and what we can offer below: 

Art is seen with the heart and not the eyes

The quote that you see above is the idea in which we built our studio. We believe that everyone has the innate desire to pursue art but not everyone tries simply because they are afraid that it would face scrutiny under the judging eyes of the world. 

For over centuries, we have been too focused on defining beauty through art and labelling every work’s value with how appealing it is to the eye and how much it fits the reality that we live in.

As artists, we think that this idea restrains art and forces it inside a boundary. Art is free and it goes beyond anything. That is the truth that we stand by. There is no label to art since it is created to be boundless and unconcerned with reality. Although it is a reflection of the world we live in as well as an embodiment of beauty, art is also built on concepts that are unknown to us. It is meant to turn impossible things into reality and paint a picture of bizarre ideas. 

With that said, we hope that as you go through our classes, you won’t think of yourself as limited as an artist. Your pieces don’t have to conform to a beauty standard nor does it have to be perfect in the eyes of other people. Art only needs to touch the heart of whoever gazes at it to find its true value. 

Join us in our classes and never be afraid to create your masterpiece here at Creative Box Studios! 

Create art outside the box with Creative Box studios! 

Welcome to Creative Boix Studios where you will learn how to create your masterpieces and develop the techniques that would bring out your inner artist. Below, we have a list of all the courses that we offer to help you enhance your creativity and master different art forms. Enrol now and become the artist you’ve always wanted to be! 

Creating digital fantasy portraits through photoshop 

Photoshop is one of the tools that are often ignored by artists, but it is a useful tool for beginners who don’t have the budget to afford the high-class platforms. If you are someone who aspires to create fantasy portraits, then this class is just for you! 

This class alone consists of bite-sized information that is easy for beginner artists to understand. 20 downloadable videos would build your skills from the ground up starting from finding art inspirations to creating patterns, sketching, colouring and shading. The artist will also explain how you can render your art for it to appear even better. 

What is a fantasy portrait? 

A fantasy portrait is a form of digital art or painting that portrays an image not bound by reality. This kind of portrait often includes bizarre reimaginings of life as well as creatures that are, albeit inspired by actual beings, take the form of a peculiar being. 

The centre of the portrait is often a being that appears as a deity, a monster or simply unknown. What makes this art amazing is that it can allow you to express the best of your imagination. It will test the limits of your creativity and give you an avenue to create creatures that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. 

Tools you need:

  • Drawing board or screen 
  • Digital tablet 
  • Photoshop 

Digital painting for 2D animation 

2D animations are becoming increasingly popular in the media as well as the world of art. If you love watching cartoons and other animation videos, then you’ve already seen what a 2D animation is like. 

2D are two-dimensional characters that look flat. It is one of the easiest to animate so this is perfect for beginners who want to explore animation. In this class, one of our expert animators will introduce you to what illustration is all about. To help guide you on your journey as an illustrator, your guide for this class will also give you a background of the things that might influence your illustration art. 

A lesson on the best tools and techniques to mix colours will also be discussed as a way to assist you in mastering this art form. 

What is 2D animation 

2D animation is attempting to make two-dimensional portraits move in a way that almost resembles that of animes and cartoons. The characters of such animations often resemble humans albeit with a more bizarre feature. This is often called semi-realistic. 

Tools you need:

  • Procreate 
  • Digital animation app of your choice 
  • Photoshop 

Painting introduction 

Painting is one of the classic and most popular forms of art. It has been around for centuries and continues to be one of the prime forms of art in the world. Oftentimes, paintings are created to be a reflection of life, humans and structures. It depicts a scenario that is close to reality and thus, it is valued historically as well. 

There are plenty of techniques that you can use in painting and some of the borders on realistic looking to completely pout of this world. As an artist, you are bound only by your style and you don’t have to conform to any of the techniques that have already been discovered. However, learning more about them would give you a bigger possibility of forming your style through combined techniques. 

In our painting class, you will be introduced to the art of painting through 24 videos by one of our expert artists. These videos will contain lessons on what influences painting, what are different painting forms, and how to stimulate volumes with blues. How to mix your colours, how to create shadows, how to give your painting texture and more.  

Every lesson is designed to give you the best outcome for your work. In addition to these, your instructor will also teach you how to control your brushwork and edge when painting. This will hone your ability to create sharp images that reflect what you envision for your art. 

What is painting? 

Painting is the process of applying colours to a canvas and creating an image out of it either to reflect reality or give birth to a bizarre idea. 

Tools you need: 

  • Knives
  • Paints 
  • Canvas
  • Brushes
  • Sponges 
  • Airbrushes

3D concept art 

Unlike 2d animation art, this one will give you a three-dimensional view of your painting subjects. This can make your subject look more realistic or at least appear like it is popping right out of the screen. Arts like this are often used for backgrounds, settings or landscapes. 

You will receive lessons in 3D concept art through 4 videos. Your instructor will also guide you and show you how to balance out your art to make it appear like it is real and that you can travel through it. The artist teaching this class will also share with you their project files to help you form your concepts and draw your 3D art. 

What is 3D concept art?

3D concept art is an art form that allows your audience to fully immerse themselves with your art. Through this, you need to focus on the depth of the image that you are trying to portray in your visual representations. 

Tools you need:

  • Your preferred drawing app
  • A drawing tablet 
  • References

Lighting and colour for digital portraits 

Lighting and colour have always been two of the most difficult parts of digital painting. Sometimes, it is hard to predict where light would fall naturally on a subject and thus, this makes the image less realistic in your drawings.

In our lighting and colour for digital portraits class, we will show you how to create shadows in your art by light positioning. This will teach you where to put the highlights on your drawings and give your art more dimension and texture. Additionally, this class is also where you would learn how to create the perfect colours for shadows. A basic of the colour theory would be introduced through 10 insightful videos.